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JD . daughter of God who believes that anything under HIS drive will never be out of control. An engineer in the making. A girl that have tears streaming down on her face but still insist that she is fine. Enjoys anything under the sun. Unique in her own little ways.

"I'am both happy and sad, & I'am still trying to figure out how that could be.."
cold weather + messy table…Hello reality! 
Can’t post it on fb nor twitter, so better hide it here co’z yea I miss my study buddy .

cold weather + messy table…Hello reality! 

Can’t post it on fb nor twitter, so better hide it here co’z yea I miss my study buddy .

I still care but I’m done chasing you. I might miss you and think of you at times but  I’m done fighting for a person who doesn’t even care about me anymore. It’s good to hear that you still remember me at times but please, stop bothering me with those questions. How insensitive can you be to tell those things. 

…I can make it!

Few months from now and I have to face another chapter of my life. I have to say hello with the real word. 

Looking back I remember all the struggles I’ve been through just to stay regular and reach 5th year,the endless formulas I have to memorize and understand, the tons of equation I have to answers, those problems that made me cry whenever I’m having a hard time analyzing them. Yes, my college life was never been easy, I always have to exert double effort unlike my other classmates since I really sucked when it comes to math.In spite of those difficulties, I’am proud to say that I’m about to finish engineering as a regular student.

It makes me excited  thinking what the real world has in store for me however on the other side, it can also be scary. But for now, I have to make most of it since this will be my last year in college.  

it may not be easy as 1,2,3 or A,B,C, but I can make it!”


Is there was a time that you felt like no one cares, seems like no one loves you and everyone are tired listening with your own dramas, even your closest and best-est friends?

I’ve been through that situation. Before, most of the time I used to have those self pity moments but as time goes by and as I grow, experiences have taught me that “true happiness really comes from within”. As the old saying goes, “people come and go”, everything in our life changes. To be really happy, you have to learn to be grateful for everything you are and have. You also have to understand that you and your friends have own paths to walk through, because depending your own happiness with the other people or things will just make your heart sunk every time they fail to meet your expectations with them.

Change is inevitable, but you can live now. Stop looking for happiness everywhere else, in someone or something else, but it is up to you to figure out how to find that real happiness without relying on the external things or other people on your life.

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