Last College Days

One of the highlights of my college life is the college days, a chance for us to escape reality for the mean time and enjoy.  A celebration that something to look forward to every year. And I’m proud to say that No one celebrates college days the same way we CEA Lions do. Every year CEA college days is always a blast. Aakalain mong University Days na sa sobrang dami ng tao. I will surely going to miss this event. 

Maybe someday

We barely talk to each other now, but when we do it feels like nothing have changed. Telling stories and sharing experiences without the need of concealing and pretending. I’m hoping that someday we could talk to each other again personally without the feeling of awkwardness and having butterflies in my stomach. Have personal conversations like the way we talk in text…the “barkada” way of convo..

Yes, maybe someday…

Though times never last, but though people do…

It’s not about who gave up first nor who cried the most. At the end, it’s all about realizing and accepting the fact  that not all  things will go the way we planned it. All the things that hurt  before won’t hurt anymore.

She’s a strong lady that everyone knows. Loud, a fighter, someone who never gives up easily, that’s how they describe her.But not everyone knows that inside her is a little voice asking for someone to understand and accept her , someone who will ask her “how are you?”