Maybe someday

We barely talk to each other now, but when we do it feels like nothing have changed. Telling stories and sharing experiences without the need of concealing and pretending. I’m hoping that someday we could talk to each other again personally without the feeling of awkwardness and having butterflies in my stomach. Have personal conversations like the way we talk in text…the “barkada” way of convo..

Yes, maybe someday…

Though times never last, but though people do…

It’s not about who gave up first nor who cried the most. At the end, it’s all about realizing and accepting the fact  that not all  things will go the way we planned it. All the things that hurt  before won’t hurt anymore.

She’s a strong lady that everyone knows. Loud, a fighter, someone who never gives up easily, that’s how they describe her.But not everyone knows that inside her is a little voice asking for someone to understand and accept her , someone who will ask her “how are you?”

In spite of the pain, I am grateful with who I still have at this moment and I’m glad where I’m at right now.

Lately, life is slowly getting better and I know I’am blessed far more than I deserved. In spite of the pain I’ve experienced, I am  grateful with who I still have at this moment and I’m glad where I’m at right now.

Glancing from the past, I’ve learned a lot from those struggles I’ve been through, those crying moments, tons of insecurities that I have to keep, the feeling of sadness and emptiness I tried to hide. I smile, but behind those smiles I know I’am crying inside. These things maybe inevitable and that’s what reality is, but these struggles may either break  or make you a stronger person, just what like the old saying goes. 

My heart was shattered into pieces before, but piece by piece my heart is slowly getting okay and I believe sooner or later it will be better. Though the scar will remain and things can never be undone, I still believe that someday this heart will learn to love again and when that time comes she will make sure she’ll cry not because of heartaches but because of over flowing happiness.