Late Birthday Post..

I know it’s really late to post something about my 18th birthday, but like the old saying goes, it’s better to be late than never.. haha

Last Feb. 9 2012, I officially turned legal, o yes I’m only 18 years old, wala  ba sa height at itsura? haha.. Unlike the other girls who celebrates their 18th with a super bonggang party, mine is just plain and simple. I even celebrated it not on the exact day of my birthday because we have our midterm exam. Instead, I celebrated it, feb.10 with someone special, feb. 13 with some of my high school friends and feb. 16 with my college friends. 

Feb. 9, - First days of Midterm Exam.. so basically I went to school that day with an eyebags because of reviewing. I failed my exam with one of my major subjects, ganda ng gift ko, di ba?haha Received gifts from my college friends. I went home with him. Got a free tutorial from him. Dinner with my mom, dad and him at home.Got disappointed because he didn’t gave me something.. I know, it’s wrong to expect but hey, I think it’s just normal for a girl to expect something from her man?.. Received  a call from my two kuya’s. They gave me a gift, which I really like. At the end of the day he told me “kaya wala akong gift sayo kase gusto ko kaw pumili bukas, yung kasama kita para alam kung yun talaga gusto mo” 

Feb 10 - Second day of our exam, came to school again with eyebags.haha.. After exam went to a mall with him to buy his gift for me and dinner at Tokyo-Tokyo.

Feb. 13 - dinner with hs friends and him. 

Feb. 16- lunchdate with my college friends. 

Super plain and simple..right?